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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Addiction and Recovery



Everyone has experienced addiction in one form or another, whether it’s an issue with substance abuse or otherwise. The question is to what degree does your addiction prevent you from being the person you would like to be. Sooner or later, you are going to have to step back and acknowledge that your addiction has created a major hinderance on your life and that you deserve better.


The unfortunate reality of addiction is that the more you succumb to temptation, the more reckless your behavior becomes. As time progresses, you lose sight of how this all began. My job is to put things back into perspective so that you can keep your destructive habits under control.


I will provide you with counseling through all stages of recovery and through all associated side effects, such as anxiety, guilt and depression. Additionally, I will also help you, your peers, your family, and any other affected people in your life to rekindle severed ties and start anew. With the proper guidance, you will be able to understand your habits, allowing you to stop abusing your body and mind so you can move forward and achieve your goals.

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