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Anxiety Management and EDMR

Anxiety and Stress Management


Many suffering from anxiety have lived with it for long enough to have simply accepted it. For some, social situations meant to be relaxing are overwhelmingly stressful. For others, it is so powerful that it prevents them from even leaving their homes. It is a perpetually present sense of worry and tension that awaits at the start of every day.


These emotions do in fact serve a practical purpose. When there is an imminent danger, anxiety protects us by sending the body into a hypersensitive state. Evolution has caused the threat of danger to inflict certain physical and mental reactions as a means of self preservation. But for those with heightened anxiety, the threat of imminent danger is triggered all too easily, which in turn confuses the body and grows increasingly difficult to manage.


You are not alone and this is not the reality that you deserve. I can teach you how to manage your anxiety using a diverse selection of methods scientifically crafted and perfected by experts in the field. I know that every patient is different, which is why I draw from all available sources to design the best methodology to treat and manage your particular condition.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR)


EDMR is a form of stress reduction psychotherapy that serves as a coping mechanism for those who have had one or more traumatic experiences. It is most commonly used on people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as it helps the patient to more effectively manage their pasts with a systematic methodology.


When an individual experiences PTSD, their bodies natural coping mechanisms become overwhelmed by stressful memories that exhaust the body’s stimuli. Over time, it reaches the point where the brain shuts away the memory, which causes it to return at inappropriate times without the individual properly overcoming it.


EDMR similar to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), utilizes a multi-step system aimed at helping the patient to address his or her memories head on, while simultaneously building skills in managing their body’s physical and mental reactions. It is a practice utilized throughout the world and has been labeled by the World Health Organization, along with CBT, as the only psychotherapy that should be used on children.


If you have suffered a mental and/or physical trauma that you feel has hindered you from moving forward in life, perhaps EDMR could be the solution you’re looking for. For more information, contact me at the number below.