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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Couples and Marriage Counseling



Marriage is complicated in ways you never could have predicted. What once was unconditional love is now a weight on your shoulders. Whereas at one point, no words were even needed, now neither you nor your partner can ever seem to successfully agree on anything. You once thought of your partner and smiled in admiration, now he or she only brings you stress and frustration.


Do you find yourself struggling with poor communication, constant criticism and anger, violation of personal boundaries, an inability to balance your work and home life, disagreements over children, tense relationships with in-laws, infidelity, and/or other issues with trust and commitment?


The first step is acknowledging that at some point, your relationship took a turn for the worse, and that you have a desire to rediscover how you used to feel for your partner. Spending more time together, showing affection, supporting each other’s goals, hearing the other's perspective and showing a will to find a resolution to conflict, agreeing upon and respecting certain rules when arguing are all ways in which you can strengthen your connection.


Your relationship does not have to end in flames. With the right counseling and a willingness to start again, you will rediscover your love. To set up an appointment, contact me at the number below.