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Military and Family


All that training that the military instilled in you served you well during deployments. But now that you’re back at home, that training may not apply as well in civilian life.  Have you noticed that your relationships with family and friends have changed? Are you easily irritated, less patient, less tolerant? Do you have trouble relaxing? Do you find that you are easily startled by loud noises? Those battlemind skills that helped you survive in combat may be causing you problems on the homefront.

I have been working with current and former service members who face multiple challenges upon their return to civilian world. I know that many of you face Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as problems with drugs and alcohol, unemployment, and relationship failures.

I am also aware how difficult deployments and the military lifestyle can be on the family. After a long period of time apart, you have to relearn to know coexist and live together. It’s not always easy. I also provide counseling and support to military family members.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR)

EDMR is a form of stress reduction psychotherapy that serves as a coping mechanism for those who have had one or more traumatic experiences. It is most commonly used on people suffering from PTSD, as it helps paitnets to more effectively manage their pasts wit ha systematic methodology.

When individuals experience PTSD, their bodies' natural coping mechanisms become overwhelmed with stressful memories that exhaust their stimuli. Over time, the body reaches a breaking point where the brain resorts to shutting away the memory, which causes it to return at inappropriate times without the body properly overcoming it.

EDMR, similar to
cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), utilizes a multi-step system aimed at helping the patient to address his or her memories head on, while simultaneously building skills in managing his or her body's physical and mental reactions. It is a practice utilized throughout the world and has been labaled by the World Health Organization (WTO), along with CBT, as the only psychotherapy that should be used on children.

If you have suffered a mental and/or physical taruma that you feel has hindered you from moving forward in life, EDMR could be the solution you're looking for. For more information, contact me at the number below.