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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Hoarding

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychological condition that causes people to habitually engage in repetitive behavior. Without proper treament, OCD can exasperate from merely being a distracting habit to becoming an utterly debilitating hinderance on everyday life.

My goal is to provide the necessary education, resources and tools for you to understand your symptoms and control your tendancies. I create a personalized treatment plan designed specifically to address your individual needs. With time and hard work, you will overcome your habits and go back to enjoying a productive and fulfililng lifestyle. 

OCD symptoms can vary tremendously both in nature and severity. Moreover, contrary to common belief, OCD is as much a mental disorder as it is physical. That is to say, habitual behavior has the potential to manifest itself in thoughts as well as physical actions. That's why I apply both cognitive and behavioral approaches to my treatments.

The cognitive approach will allow you to examine more closely the nature of your habits so you can better understand what triggers them. The behavioral approach, also referred to as exposure and ritual prevention (ERP), involves the gradual exposure to difficult thoughts and stressful situations, allowing the patient to learn over time to control his or her inclination to act upon compulsive habits.

Hoarding is a form of OCD that manifests itself as the compulsive habit of collecting bulk. Excessive clutter can accumulate to overwhelming amounts, eventually reaching the infamous point of no return, where organizing no longer seems possible. Hoarding affects not only the individuals who suffer from it, but also their friends, colleagues and families. In some cases, hoarding can lead to serious safety hazards.

I will work with you and your family to provide therapeutic and practical solutions to your hoarding behavior. We will address the clutter together in a 100% neutral, non-judgmental setting. Aside from assisting hoarders in organizing their homes, I am also a hoarding counselor. Once we've gotten the clutter under control and your home has been rightfully returned back to normalcy, I will teach you lasting maintenance strategies, setting you on a happier path with healthier habits for the future.